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I am again battling an attacker on the web server. I’ve now concluded that, in almost every case, the attacker has entered from OneUmmah.net So, for the time being, that site is completely offline and locked out, even from its own users. That means that Muslim Writers Society is also down for now. InshaAllah, this will not last the entire day.

I am implementing some much-needed security measures (including disabling wget, curl, fetch, lynx, and any other method of downloading files). Almost without exception, the attacker has used wget, curl, and fetch. Also, OneUmmah’s CMS needs to be updated to the latest version to patch any of the obvious PHP security holes.

I guess I should have known from the beginning that OneUmmah.net would be the main target. It is one of the larger, longer-running Islamic sites on the web (since 1999). Other major sites, such as al-islam.org, link to it. So, it should have been no surprise to me that someone would attack it, especially in light of the constant anti-Islamic rhetoric that hapless doornails post on MuslimMessage.net.

I also have to apologize to any of the secondary sites that are hosted on OneUmmah.net. It does not affect our other hosted TLD sites on LanternTorch.net, but it certainly affects any subdomains.

For anyone who needs some Apache server security solutions, please check out ModSecurity.

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