Why Vuze Sucks

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In my attempts to find a decent replacement for Stage6 (no, Veoh is not cutting it), I decided to give Azureus’ Vuze another look. They do have some good content, and the idea of being able to download them legally using P2P file sharing is appealing. But I can sum up why most of their content sucks in only 3 letters:


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    […] Stage6 no, Veoh is not cutting it, I decided to give Azureus&8217 vuze another look.&ampnbsp They dohttp://www.lanterntorch.com/technology/666/why-vuze-sucks/trackback/Azureus renames Zudeo as Vuze, announces new content – Download SquadApr 6, 2007 … Want to help […]

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